Narrow, cobbled streets lead right to the hills overlooking this maritime city.

Lisbon has a multitude of viewpoints, overlooking the Atlantic or the Tagus, each with its own charm. Begin your journey by taking the legendary tram 28 which will take you on a unique road through the different districts, until you reach the heights of the Alfama where you can see the mouth of the river. Wander along the cobblestone paths of the hills and stroll up to the Rua Dos Remédios where you can try traditional local dishes in one of the city’s many tascas.

Then, a walk is in order, along the banks of the Tagus to the seafront. If your are also looking for some trendy spots, the upper part of town, Bairo Alto, houses all that Lisbon has to offer in terms of fashion, art and culture. Don’t forget to take in the bay – the view is unrivalled.

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